[ DOOREART ] Hunminjeongeum 和 Chrysanthemum 圖案名片座

[ DOOREART ] Hunminjeongeum 和 Chrysanthemum 圖案名片座, Korean, HOME & GARDEN , DOOREART, 36, 實用和裝飾公司名稱卡方塊的高級天然母親的珍珠白, 母親的珍珠白 / Inlaid lacquer, , koreanmall

Hunminjeongeum 和 Chrysanthemum 圖案名片座

  • 實用和裝飾公司名稱卡方塊的高級天然母親的珍珠白
  • 母親的珍珠白 / Inlaid lacquer


    Luxury business card holder made of natural mother-of-pearl is a practical and decorative.




    Doore-art is a professional manufacturer specializing in various household goods by practical application combining the Korean traditional mother of pearl lacquerware with a modernized design.
    We’ve been developing the practical and beautiful various culture goods by putting general values available  all over the word into the traditional and unique cultural values of Korea as the basic concept harmonizing modern times with tradition.

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    [ DOOREART ] Hunminjeongeum 和 Chrysanthemum 圖案名片座


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